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The History of GLASA's Switch Hitters Ball

In the 1980's, GLASA hosted a fun game between players in the league where each person was required to 'Switch Hit.' A left-handed hitter had to bat and throw right handed and a right-handed batter had to bat and throw left-handed. Over the years, some players started to play in drag. Some players wore a dress and others even wore high heels during the game.


Eventually, GLASA decided to take the drag one step further and host an event where teams would compete against each other in a drag show at one of the local venues around town. They decided to call the event, "Switch Hitters Ball." Oil Can Harry's, Circus, Arena, Music Box, The Globe, and Avalon in Hollywood have all hosted Switch Hitters over the years.

As the success of Switch Hitters grew, GLASA decided to call the event "Switch Hitters Ball" and make it an annual fundraiser to offset travel costs and assist the GLASA teams attending the Gay Softball World Series.

This year, GLASA will host Switch Hitters Ball at the amazing Avalon Nightclub in the heart of Hollywood. GLASA will take another step in creating an historic drag moment in the history and success of Switch Hitters Ball. 

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